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No. 01 2010: China's GDP will get $123 in 2040
No. 02 2010: China Central bank signaled to tighten the credit.
No. 03 2010: Around 100 foreign investors were qualified for the QFII in China
No. 04 2010: Foreign company can raise fund from the capital markets in China

No. 05 2010: PetroChina ranked No. one by the capitalized value of listed oil company all over the world
No. 06 China, Vietnam set up a new trade zone
No. 07 China sold the U.S. treasure bond

N0. 09 Will China revalue its currency?
No.10, China opens further its infrastructures investment
No. 11 China leads clean energy investment

Ottawa mission in China

Economic Data of China


China exports and import slow down in Jan.
China CPI increases only 1.0% in Jan.
China PPI drops 3.3% in Jan.
China currency loan of  Jan. increases much more than that of last year

China's foreign trade might be ranked at No. 2 all over the world
China: $123 trillion in 2040, a U.S. economist said
The value of export and import are over US$ 100 billion, respectively, in September.
The value of export exceeds US$100 billion  in August
CPI is still going down, and investment up in 33%
The loan increases by 400 billion Yuan in August

China CPI drops 1.6% in Feb.
China PPI drops 4.5% in Feb.

Canada's overall current account deficit expanded to $11.2 billion during the second quarter of 2009 (Statistics Canada)
Capital inflowing to Canada increases during first half year of 2009 (Statistics Canada)

Bay Street, wake up for investment in China